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 This stop motion video by Vincent Pianina and Lorenzo Papace for Ödland’s “Østersøen.” Beautifully made with intricate details.

Music Video for @JohnMayer’s “Shadow Days” follow him on his road trip! Cute video. I still love his music.

Kanye West [MERCY] ft. Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Music Video Kanye West [MERCY] ft. Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz

Music Vid: Drake “Take Care” feat Rihanna

Post by: Tiffany Diamond (@Tiffy4u) #Drake #MusicVideo

I miss the days of artsy music videos that really hit a cord and are beautifully put together. I love this video, but what I love is they took a song that could have easily had a video that just goes along with the lyrics but instead they decided to do something completely off the wall. It’s intimate and I feel everyone will take something different from it. The thing I love most about these two artist is they really try to bring the art back to the Music Video scene.


Music Vid: Childish Gambino “Heartbeat”

Post By: Tiffany Diamond (@Tiffy4u) #ChildishGambino #MusicVideo

I have a lot of respect for Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino in all of his creative endeavors. If I can follow his footsteps I’ll be a happy camper. It’s a real testimant to talent if you can go from comedy to being respected in the music world as well. 

I love the video it’s well directed. When I first saw this it made me very anxious to start filming more music videos. When something inspires you than it’s because it’s above the norm. It also has sex appeal which again, being able to turn comedy off and turn sexy on is hard to do but he pulled it off.



Rita Ora - “How We Do”

Try not to bob your head

Animating Jelly Beans

It’s cold and rainy in LA this Sunday evening, so here’s a great way to warm up — a cute, animated music video using jelly beans!  Recording artist Kina Grannis wanted to make a unique music video and she sure got it when her director suggested animating jelly beans.  What exactly does that entail?  Well, according to the crew it took 1 still camera, 30 people, 22 months and 288,000 jelly beans!  Check out the finished music video below plus a nifty behind the scenes look at the making of.  Respect to the entire crew and creative team for this video — you guys are hustlers!!

Music Video: Diane Birch (Before & After)

This is the music video from the talented singer Diane Birch for her song “Valentino.” The first video is the behind the scenes and the 2nd video is the finished product. It’s cool to see the transformation of before and after. Plus it’s a really good song. Enjoy!


Giving Props: Shia LaBeouf

Post by: Tiffany Diamond

This is a music video for the band, CAGE, that Shia LaBeouf directed and produced through his production company. I think it’s very well done, and he did a good job (he even has a cameo). There’s so much that goes into directing that I’m proud that he would take the step to try his hand at it, and that CAGE gave him the opportunity to showcase his talent. I hope he ventures into directing more.


I remember speaking with Shia LaBeouf (we have mutual LA friends) about a few short sketches he did that we were playing on our College Campus TV station back in the day. He was super sweet and down to earth. You can tell he’s just doing something he loves and doesn’t care if it’s on a budget of hundreds or millions.

As you know, we here at the Hustle have huge dreams we’re accomplishing in the business. Therefore you know that we love to support and give props to other artists that are passionate about the art of film making and have aspirations to do more then just be a pretty face behind the camera. Props to Shia!