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An Ode to the Funny Girl

Written by Kelsey Rude

The biggest load of crock I’ve heard lately is that women can be funny.  It seems
 all everyone could talk about two months ago 
and haven’t shut up about since is this funny chick movie called Bridesmaids that suddenly proved how funny women are. While I appreciate what Bridesmaids has accomplished in a traditionally male-driven industry, I fail to see the big news.  Bridesmaids to me wasn’t a revolutionary thought.  Women, have always been funny.

The big deal about Bridesmaids was that every man on the planet finally got a big smack on the head that made them realize what they already knew – we’re funny.  Truth is, up to this point it was just never okay to accept it as truth.  Women in history were trained to live in a man’s world.  We were in a sense, domesticated and told that to be a woman we had to have casseroles ready for our working husbands.  We had to be women, be appealing, yet we couldn’t be overly sexy.  We had to be docile, obedient and pretty to look at.  Society told us that this involved never being funny.  Being funny was to undermine our men.  Being funny was strictly a man’s job.  Being funny wasn’t classy, wasn’t beautiful.  But don’t people understand that beauty, sexiness, intelligence and funny are what some of history’s most womanly women already have?

Has anyone heard of Lucile Ball?  No one thought this spunky red head was any less a devoted wife when she got up to her crazy antics.  No one ever said she was any less a woman.  This woman went on to star in one of the most syndicated comedies of all time.  I dare you to look at your TV Guide.  I bet you’ll find “I Love Lucy” still listed.  And have you heard of a little woman named Katharine Hepburn?  Let me list this off for you - The Philadelphia Story, Bringing Up Baby, Holiday, Adam’s Rib.  Seen The African Queen? Even as a missionary in this wartime drama opposite Humphrey Bogart, this chick could make you laugh just attempting to bathe in a river.

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